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Our Story

It all started in my mom's kitchen.

At only 5 years old I knew I loved cookies. And not just eating cookies, but baking them too. Every holiday, family gathering, and even every Friday most weeks, it was me and my mom 'til wee hours of the night trying new recipes and adapting old ones to create the perfectly gooey melt in your mouth cookie.

That young childhood passion turned into a real life adult obsession of bringing happiness through baking. Following pastry school, our first dessert dream came true with our first 2 storefront bakeries which we had in our family for 9 years. After adding 3 bouncing boys to our little family and taking a few years to soak up every second with them, we decided it was time to introduce our love for all things sweet back into our family in  new way and thus Chip'd was born. 

Our new mobile version of my first love: cookies, brings a fresh concept of hot homemade cookies from our family to yours for all of YOUR family gatherings, holidays, and yes even any random Friday to create those same melt in your mouth memories.

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